Almas Como Yo (Souls Like Mine)

In Santa Rosa, California, vineyards and farmland pepper the hillside. The workers on these fields are often migrant workers from Mexico and beyond. When I got the assignment, I wasn’t sure how it would shake out. My subjects were Spanish speakers and my Spanish was rusty at best. Luckily, this story turned out to be a fun one to Direct and my wife was able to join the crew as a translator. I even had the opportunity to bring my young daughter on set. If you listen closely, you might hear here crying in the background of some of the piece.

Catapulted into an opportunity to start a brand new ministry, Salvation Army Captain Maria Romero planted small seeds by handing out free, fresh fruit and vegetables at Gonzales Park to whoever was in need of them. Little by little, the ministry expanded, as volunteers began spreading the word and offering their homes as distribution centers so that Maria could hand out fresher produce. Eventually, God graced the ministry to bless agricultural workers with free hot lunches as a result of Maria’s faithfulness and obedience, starting with her humble beginnings in Gonzales Park.