Created for Freedom

Documentary Short

This was a piece I did for The Salvation Army back in 2017. I had the privilege of entering “Hotel California” in Norco, Riverside County. The project gave me the opportunity to spend 2 days with the men there, gathering their stories and learning about their experiences inside the prison.

In Norco, Riverside County, the prison known as “Hotel California” is home to about 3400 male inmates. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation houses inmates, while programs like those led by Prison Fellowship work to transform their lives. The Salvation Army Creative Arts Ensemble partnered with Prison Fellowship to hold a series of worship and dramatic arts workshops which allow inmates to process their life experiences in new and impactful ways. The following is a look into the lives of the men who participated in this Creative Arts weekend and serves as a testament to the power of Christ to bring light and life to even the most unlikely of places.