La Fe Me Da Vida / Faith Gives Me Life

Pedro was introduced to The Salvation Army while living with his sister in Long Beach. Soon he became a leader at the church, serving the community faithfully for decades. With a firm foundation and a passion for service, Pedro was equipped to face all the challenges of ministry that one might expect… Until the day he was forced to confront … Read More

Love in Action: An Adoption Story

In 2021 I had the the privilege of telling my God-Daughter’s adoption story for The Salvation Army. Eden is an amazing human being and I’m excited to share her work. Visit to learn more about what she does and how she does it, and check out her video on Share Change to see how the project came together. Eden … Read More

Asylum: A Journey of Faith and Hope

Last year, more than 20,000 people came to the United States seeking asylum due to threat of persecution. The Seruyange’s fled from their home country of Uganda in search of safety for their two young children, but when they arrived found themselves alone in San Bernardino, having left behind their home, their family and their friends. After a serendipitous encounter with The Salvation Army, the Seruyange’s journey to freedom and safety brought them to a new hope and a new family that would change the course of their lives for the better. Watch this powerful video to hear their story.

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Robert’s Battle

In 2018 I made the decision to create a documentary film about a man I’ve known for over 13 years. Robert is an amputee who has lived on the streets for over 23 years. I decided to make the film after discovering that his leg had been amputated after an accident involving a Pacific Union Freight Train in Compton.

New Wheels

Robert uses his time and talents to make custom lowrider bicycles for his local community in Pocatello, Idaho. He created a program called Big Brother Lowriding, combining his passion and his compassion in a way that helps connect those in need with transportation and mentorship. When Robert isn’t working on bikes, he’s serving meals at the only soup kitchen in town at the local Salvation Army. He has become a mentor to the local community, but his life wasn’t always this way. Watch this video to hear Robert’s story.

The Way Home

On any given night in America, there are well over 500,000 men and women living on the street. For more than 38 years, Duane was one of them, until he found his way to The Salvation Army’s Bell Shelter

Dry Bones Live

David Barnett found himself in need of new work after vocational training he received in the Navy became obsolete. Over the next few years he struggled with drug addiction and ended up homeless and hopeless in Miami, Florida. David wrestled with recovery over the years, but through The Salvation Army’s Haven program for Veteran’s, he was able to turn over the battle to the Lord. He took what he learned from his own trials and began to practice the call of 1 Peter, “use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” Mr. Barnett created the DBL Vocational Training Program to help students earn an EPA Certification for HVAC Systems. Seeing the value of his course, The Salvation Army Stillman Sawyer Family Service Center opened its doors to the program. Now, Mr. Barnett uses his technical skills to help pull others from the muck and mire that he himself waded through for so many years of his own life.

Created for Freedom

In Norco, Riverside County, the prison known as “Hotel California” is home to about 3400 male inmates. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation houses inmates, while programs like those led by Prison Fellowship work to transform their lives.

Just the Beginning

According to statistics, parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of school. The CDC estimates that more than 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school.