Love in Action: An Adoption Story

In 2021 I had the the privilege of telling my God-Daughter’s adoption story for The Salvation Army. Eden is an amazing human being and I’m excited to share her work. Visit to learn more about what she does and how she does it, and check out her video on Share Change to see how the project came together.

Eden Wild is a headstrong teenager with a calling. With the help of her parents, she has created a life-changing ministry that has direct ties to her own roots. Eden was adopted from Ethiopia at the age of two after being orphaned at birth. Her adoptive parents Ivan and Jennifer Wild had already raised three children before Eden came into their lives. As officers (pastors) in The Salvation Army, they were accustomed to God’s subtle nudges guiding their lives and ministry, however this call to adopt was anything but.  The epic story of their daughter’s birth, and the circumstances that left her orphaned, have changed the course of all of their lives forever.  Watch this touching testimony of how one family’s love has grown into a vital ministry for thousands facing poverty and circumstances similar to the ones that brought Eden into Ivan and Jennifer’s lives.