New Wheels

I recently finished this piece for The Salvation Army and I couldn’t be prouder. We had a very small crew, a lot of snow and only a few days to tell the story of a reformed man living in a small town and sharing a unique gift. You wouldn’t expect to see low rider bikes in Old Town Pocatello, unless you are a local in the know about the tall tattooed kid from town who likes to fix bikes.

Robert uses his time and talents to make custom lowrider bicycles for his local community in Pocatello, Idaho. He created a program called Big Brother Lowriding, combining his passion and his compassion in a way that helps connect those in need with transportation and mentorship. When Robert isn’t working on bikes, he’s serving meals at the only soup kitchen in town at the local Salvation Army. He has become a mentor to the local community, but his life wasn’t always this way. Watch this video to hear Robert’s story.